Tecnalia Surfsens Board Will Measure Your Acrobatic Moves on Water

by ruchi

If you are preparing to put up a show for the next surfing competition here is a digital surfboard that will give you edge over your opponents. Hailed as the Tecnalia Surfsens board, this high-tech surfboard won’t teach you water aerobics but will measure every twitch of you challenging moves on the water for its easy to miss out on the details. It comes loaded with a gyroscope, accelerometer, GPS, strain gauges, and pressure sensors to accurately measure your speed, the height of the wave, and other specs. Once you’re back on the ground, you can transfer the data to a PC for analysis.

The makers, Pukas, have long been in the business of surfboards іn La Concha Bay in San Sebastian. They joined hands with Spanish tech big wig Tecnalia to create this Surfsens package which is presently being tested by pro surfers. No word on how soon this would be available through retail shelves.

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