Technohouse Transparent 360° display for Star Wars styled advertisements

by Dhiram Shah

At the Inter BEE 2007 taking place in Japan TechnoHouse showcased the ‘Lifefast’ a transparent 360° LED display unit. Manufactured by Kinoton GMBH Germany it is a cylindrical transparent display unit for displaying products. In the product, four vertical bars, each fitted with 600 three-color LEDs, are arranged at 90 degree intervals. The bars make 12 or 13 revolutions per second, thereby displaying images. The product can display three images of 600 (vertical) x 800 (horizontal) dots each, two images of 600 (vertical) x 1,200 (horizontal) dots each or one image with 600 (vertical) x 2,400 (horizontal) dots. It supports VGA, DVI and video signals. Sizes vary from 75cms to 150 cms (pictured above).

The Technohouse Transparent 360° 75 cm display unit is available for 700,000 Yen in Japan.

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