Teac and Avantgarde Acoustic speakers have old fashioned looks with futuristic price tags

by Shayne Rana

Teac has been in the audio field for quite awhile and one of their ‘latest’ offerings is in conjunction with German manufacturer Avantgarde Acoustics. Their new speaker system is difficult to describe but if I had to, I’d say they give off an old fashioned look with modern sound. The companies have released three of these new and rather unique speakers that may look old fashioned but bear price tags that are futuristic. The spherical horn systems looks like a bull horn you’d expect to see your coach’s screaming voice behind. The AvantGarde duo G2, priced at $34,447 feature a frequency range of 170 – 20,000 Hz for speakers and 20 – 350Hz for the subwoofer for a total RMS power of 150W.

The other two models consist of the AvantGarde duo Omeg G2 that will set you back about $41,623 are more powerful of course and are capable of throwing a total wattage of 100W (RMS). The third, the AvantGarde uno G2 the cheapest of the lot (although cheap may be the wrong word) that is also capable of a total RMS power of 100W, is prised at $27, 270. Wow! Just saying all that makes my ears and wallet hurt.
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