TDK Starts Shipping “Bare” Type Mass-Production Blu-ray Disc Samples

by Dhiram Shah

TDK has announced that is has commenced shipping mass-production samples of its bare-type (cartridge-less) BD-R (write-once type) and BD-RE (rewritable type) Blu-ray Discs. TDK’s Blu-ray Discs Achieve a High Capacity of 25GB on a Single-Layer and 50GB on a Dual-Layer at 2x Recording Speed. To ensure the new discs will be resistant to scratches and dirt even without external cartridges, they will be coated with TDK’s new DURABIS 2 hard coating. DURABIS 2 technology has been specifically formulated for Blu-ray Discs. TDK has announced four varaints – 25 GB (Single layer, Write once / Rewritable disks) and 50 Gb (Dual layer, Write once / Rewritable disks).

  1. DURABIS 2 coating provides significantly greater resistance to scratches
    and dirt (particularly fingerprint smudges), ensuring safe use
    even without a cartridge.
  2. Unique high-precision spin coating creates a supremely flat cover
    layer, resulting in highly stabilised recording and playback.
  3. The BD-R disc utilises a recording layer of an inorganic material
    which is unaffected by exposure to light, thus offering outstanding
  4. The BD-RE disc utilises a highly sensitive phase-change dye in the
    recording layer that realises stabilised characteristics even after
    as many as 10,000 rewrites.
  5. High-precision stacking technology precisely overlays disc layers,
    delivering stabilised characteristics on both the upper and lower recording
    layers in a single-sided, dual-layer (50GB) disc.

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