TAT7 iPhone Scuba Case enables you to take underwater pictures with your iPhone

by Gavril Mankoo

Looking for the perfect way to share your underwater moments with your cronies above sea level? This iPhone case assures you a safe passage to the depths of the sea with your iPhone in tow. A seemingly pocket-friendly option than buying an expensive water-proof SLR camera, this case simply keeps your iPhone dry as a desert below sea level enabling you to take some great pictures of life beneath the waves. Called the TAT7 iPhone Scuba Case, this one’s made from clear polycarbonate and comes with a hinged opening on the bottom with double gaskets to keep the water at bay. Capable of keeping your phone safe to at least a 100ft below water surface, this case also comes with three buttons that allow you to use basic touchscreen functions required to take pictures on your iPhone and is priced at $84.95.

[Available at Amazon via Gizmag]

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