Tamagotchi comes to the Apple Watch

by Gareth Mankoo

The Apple Watch hasn’t been spared the awesome cuteness of the indispensable Tamagotchi simulation pet. Most of us who jumped onto the geek bandwagon earlier in our lives have absorbed the fulfilling delights that these digital pets offered us when mommy said no to a puppy. This classic companion has trotted to our all new swanky Apple Watch devices now, bringing with it the nuances that led us to forget it in the first place. You have to be on your toes though, because this little creature that you hatch and nurture may die if it senses too much neglect. Also, be ready for yet another notification from your Apple Watch, asking you to clean the pixelated poop that your pet unfailingly delivers at your doorstep each day.

tamogotchi_apple_watchThe app was developed and launched by Bandai Namco who seem to have been unsuccessful in bringing animations to the pet, especially the adorable post-disciplining act. You also miss out on the chance to play with your pet making it hard to fill the Happy meter as diligently as you intended to.