Tall predictions for the new Nintendo Wii

by Shalu Pillai

Our friends over at Game Informer have reported that a new Nintendo Wii device is expected at the Electronic Entertainment Expo in June. Since that news broke out, there have been all kinds of assumptions on what to expect and the top preditions are:
1. A controller with an HD screen – Acc to Keith Stuart at The Guardian, it is rumoured that a “six-inch touchscreen display, capable of HD or near-HD quality visuals,” can be expected, allowing for extra game content, custom controls for certain titles and even be able to act as a separate game system from the main console.
2. Serious processing power – the Wii 2 will boast a “custom IBM PowerPC CPU with three cores, a GPU from the ATI R700 family, and at least 512MB of RAM2,” according to Gaming Union.
3. A new name — Right now the new system is codenamed “Project Cafe” among Nintendo employees, but might take the name Nintendo HD eventually
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4. A fall 2012 launch date — Nintendo is set to debut its new toy in June, but it probably won’t be ready for American markets until the fall of 2012.
5. Compatibility with older devices — According to CVG, the new system will be “backwards compatible” with Wii, meaning that users can play old-generation games on it. It is also rumoured to work with other old Nintendo systems.
Now to wait and watch how many of these predictions come true.