Taking your Hi-end camera to the Olympics? Think again

by yogesh

Witnessing the Olympic games is not a chance any sports lover would want to miss, not to mention taking some great pictures while your there. So you managed to save up and pay for the ticket to Beijing and threw in a hi-end digital camera as well for some of the best photography exercises you’ll ever pursue. In a pure stunt of copyright agreement with the local media, the Olympic committee has officially banned the use of hi-tech professional cameras for visitors. So unless you hold a press card you will most likely be shown the door while looking for you seat at the stands. What is safe to call as not being professional camera equipment? Obviously you are not thinking of carrying a tripod with studio lights just to get a picture of your favorite athlete.

Since the committee has not outlined what makes or different resolutions constitute a camera as being simple versus being professional, it would be safe to keep the Digital SLR you bought for the event at home.

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