Take your gaming experience with you, in a Scooterputer PC casemod

by Shalu Pillai

For the uninitiated, a Scooterputer literally is a computer you can drive around on. After the recently introduced Rog-R, remote-controlled gaming casemod, modder Stephen Popa is now set to impress us with a strikingly beautiful Scooterputer. This is a Thermaltake Element V case with plenty of gaming power sitting on a 24v rechargeable electric scooter that has been stretched 11 inches to maker room for the computer. The computer case stuffs in an Intel i7 processor, 4GB RAM, GTS 250 graphics card, three RAIDed hard drives, USB 3.0 port, dual layer DVD burner, Thermaltake TR2 1200 Watt power supply and it’s water cooled with Thermaltake Big water 850I kit.

While it won’t be competing in performance with the Piaggio Gilera GP 800, the Scooterputer can be ridden like an ordinary cycle for an awesome gaming experience anywhere. The handlebars, seat and fender of the Scooterputer have been assembled from different scooters. It also comes with a working brake light, variable speed throttle, horn, front halogen headlight, LED ground effects and working parking lamps.

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