Take a Selfie with a Drone on your Wrist

by Shruti Shree

Well, wait! What? You can now wear a drone on your wrist? Yes, it is true. Not only that, you can take a selfie from it. The quadcopter drone can lie closed in a band on your wrist; if you want a selfie, just use a hand gesture and up goes the drone in the air, spots you, and clicks the selfie for you. No more those bad close ups, no more squeezing each other for a group picture, no more wrist exercises to get that perfect angle, and no more asking strangers to take a picture if a selfie is not doing the job for you.

Our very own Intel has made this technological marvel, they call it Nixie. And as you expect from an Intel device, the expert in making tinier to tiniest processors, the wearable drone will be uber light and very small. Nixie will be one of the entrants for the Make it Wearable competition by Intel for which the prize money is $50,000. Whether you can control the device from your smartphone, there’s no word by Intel on that yet! Let’s hope, that is a possibility. Drones are being used in many areas, but such a small drone could have many widespread uses, the possibilities are endless. Kudos to the creator of the device Christoph Kohstall, for coming up with this novel idea, and we wish he wins. The future skies look quite interesting with small and big drones hovering around us, doing our work.

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