Take a walk in the wild with Google’s 42lbs Trekker back pack camera, if they approve

by Shayne Rana

Some big news for the backpacking community – Google is willing to lend you their 42 lbs Street View styled Trekker camera if you’re heading out into the wild. This is the search giants latest effort to use some form of crowd sourced image capture to enhance Google Maps reach into places that aren’t easily accessible. Their statements to the world was simply this – “If you’re a tourism board, non-profit, university, research organization, or other third party who can gain access and help collect imagery of hard to reach places, you can apply to borrow the Trekker and help map the world.” – Check out Google’s official video of the Trekker after the jump.

This slightly outrageous but brilliant piece of camera equipment is in essence a similar camera used by Google Maps street-view guys mounted on cars, only now attached to a backpack for portability. It’s controlled by an Android powered device (what else) and is made of up 15 lenses, angled in different directions. Images captured by these lenses will be stitched together making up 360-degree panoramic photos of what’s around the wearer. Photos are captured every 2.5 seconds. Only recently the set up was used to map out the Japanese island of Gunkanjima (007 was held here in his latest adventure Skyfall).

If you’re interested all you need provide certain information like why they want to take on this journey, where they’d like to help, and if they can acquire the necessary permissions to access the destination.

[Via – Arstechnica]

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