Takary Tomy i-Sobot the world’s smallest robot

by Dhiram Shah

TakaryTomy the famed Japanese toymaker has unveiled the world’s smallest robot the “i-Sobot”. The 2 foot walking robot stands at 6.6 inches and despite its small size is big on features. It has a Gyro sensor for balancing and smooth actions which is coupled with a small servo motor and 17 actuators to help it move. The i-Sobot can be controlled via a LCD-equipped remote control to perform pre-programmed actions. It can makes its own punching and kicking sounds for wrestling with fellow bots. It can play music, dance, respond to voice commands for performing simple actions, respond to applause and other user actions and even play drums. Takara Tomy is also working on the Omnibot2007 i-SOBOT CamVersion which will come with a 300k pixel camera so it can transmit photos to your PC or Phone using Wi-Fi and a swiveling head with an angle of 60 degrees.
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Takary Tomy will save you the hassle of building the i-Sobot from a kit as it will be sold in one piece. The cam free version will be hitting stores in Japan for 31,290 Yen ($ 530) and the CamVersion bot will be there by October for 41,790 Yen ($ 345).

Hello World

Remote Control

Getting up

Got a date already

Girls love robots too

Playing Drums

Mr. Yoneda – Head of development

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