Takara Tomy Dacing iPhone Face-Stand puts on your face and does a jig

by Gareth Mankoo

iPhone accessories were dwindling in number until recently. The Takara Tomy Dacing Face-Stand comes in to offer you some light hearted moments and fun on your favorite device. In a robotic build is provisioned a little chamber that nestles your iPhone. You snap your most crazed expression, download the ‘Face Sing’ app to your phone and have them dance around. The stand comes in white, blue and red colors. It was previously seen in toy shows and created as much a stir then as it is expected to create with its launch. The stand is powered through batteries and also works accommodates an iPhone that has a charging cord attached to it. For now it only dances. But then again, you can snap that annoying little brat from your neighborhood and make him do things you like. Of course, it takes getting into a fair bit of programming, building and eventual development to get your hands as dirty as can be. But why not just have your granna do a little jig.

The Takara Tomy Dacing Face-Stand is expected to arrive by June 27, when it will retail for 3465 Yen ($33). A couple of AA batteries are enough to do the trick.



[Via – Akihabaranews]

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