Tagg Pet GPS Tracker is another pet stalker

by Gareth Mankoo

I know you love and care for your pet more than you’d ever care for you very own child. However, that wouldn’t come close to going to the extent of being with it wherever it goes. You can now sit back and monitor the whereabouts of your pet with the help of an interesting new pet gizmo on the block, called the Tagg Pet GPS Tracker. This cool device will notify you if your pet wanders too far from home and also gives you vital information on its whereabouts when lost. All you have to do is attach the tracker on your pet’s collar and monitor its whereabouts on your computer or smartphone.

A cool feature explored thus is the ‘geofence’ that will define an imaginary boundary for your dog, as you want it, thus marking the permissible threshold. The Tagg Pet GPS Tracker costs $200 yearly. Additional Taggs will cost you $140 a year.