T9 inventor now brings us Swype – simply slide to type

by mohsin

You may not know who Cliff Kushler is, he is the inventor of the T9 Keyboard technology, and he has now come with another revolutionary technology to make our texting even easier. The new technology called Swype is as simple as tapping on your touch screen phone and sliding your finger or the stylus to all the alphabets of a word and lifting after each word is done. A built-in 65,000-word dictionary corrects obvious and even creative spelling errors. Obviously, a word menu pops up if there are alternative options to a sequence of moves. A slight nudge upwards at the words will capitalize those words, and a wiggle will allow for double letter entry.

The Swype technology was developed with the team focused on Windows Mobile (Smartphone’s) the tablet version of XP and Vista, and Surface. However, this will significantly ease the iPhone’s user experience if Apple adapts this technology.