System that recognizes user’s typing rhythm being developed to make passwords more secure

by Gavril Mankoo

With all the jailbreaking and hacking going on these days, we’ve come to realize the fact that nothing’s really secure and safe in the world of technology. That clever little password you’ve just set could be broken into too. Now Researchers at the American University of Beirut, Lebanon, are working on ways to make password security stronger, and are developing systems that not just recognize your password, but also make note of the pattern and just how you type it. Every individual has his own typing style, just like a handwriting, which will be recognized by the system. The newer system aims to link password authentication to the speed and rhythm of the user’s keystrokes.

Well, we aren’t sure as to just how well this one will work. A person’s typing rhythms change over time and not being able to access your computer on a day when you’ve fractured your pointer finger, slowing down your typing speed isn’t the ideal situation!