Switzerland is the most spammed country in the world

by Dhiram Shah

Thought you got all the spam in the world? Think again, according to a recent finding it’s not the US that’s getting all the SPAM, its Switzerland. MessageLabs said that 84.8% of emails in Switzerland were spam, surpassing the traditional leader in this category, Hong Kong (82.6%). The top 5 is rounded out by France (82.1%), Israel (80.1%) and Austria (79.6%). The share in the U.S. was 68.8%, Canada’s 77.8% and UK’s 74.3%. Manufacturing is apparently the most targeted by spammers (82.9%), followed by education (80.4%) and retail (80.1%). The financial sector’s share was at just 71.5%. With so much spam floating around its not hard to imagine the amount of viruses that are moving around in such emails waiting for a trigger in an ignorant click.

76.5% of all emails in June were found to be spam by the security firm, while the global average over the past six months was 74.5%. However, there is a huge difference in spam that is sent to different countries and industries.

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