Swiss robot does not have human like looks or puppy dog mannerisms

by anoop

A team of Swiss developers have created a Swiss robot name QB1. The developers are hoping that QB1 will hook people in a more meaningful level by providing a handy music suggestion service. The QB1 was showcased to the public last weekend at Swissnex an annex of the Consulate General of Switzerland and it is dedicated to bridging knowledge in science, education, art and innovation between Switzerland and North America. People interact with QB1 with gestures. QB1 tries to steal your time doing something useful like playing your music. The AI system incorporated into QB1 has about five different strategies to intelligently predict what music you want to listen to at the moment. One of the approaches is based on statistical probability and might give the best results with the fewest errors in the beginning. Another more complicated scheme observes who is in the room, the time of the day, and how people move. As time goes, it might have learned enough to perform better than the statistical probability analysis, and then the data gets prioritized based on your feedback. It is, in effect, learning the user. The developers are now looking for people who want to try out QB1 in their homes for couple of weeks and later they intend to start production and start selling them by 2009.


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