SWISS first class suites get a makeover by Priestman Goode

by Dhiram Shah

First Class suites in Swiss have just got a swanky new makeover, thanks to the brilliance of Priestman Goode, a London based design consultancy. With the help of high quality materials and ultra modern décor principles, the interiors of the flight now look uber up to date with the demands of those who take to the skies in this prestigious airline. The main objective of the same is the passenger comfort level coupled with privacy and spaciousness. Thanks to a new controller designed by Priestman Goode, passengers can adjust the seat, the privacy screens and the lighting levels. The man himself, Mr. Nigel Goode, founding director of Priestman Goode said, “We focused on delivering a holistic brand experience on-board by mapping out the passenger journey from check-in to aircraft. The new SWISS First Class seat has been delivered with simplicity and quality at the heart of Priestmangoode’s design.”

The combination of Swiss style, coupled with British comfort levels is a something most flight enthusiasts would like to savor.

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