Swiss Cops use Google Earth to find hash farmers

by shilpa

As much as it sounds shocking, it is also really hilarious. Imagine you are minding your own business and illegally making a hell lot of money by farming marijuana at a much hidden place, away from prying eyes of law keepers. Well, in Switzerland, nobody can hide from the law. All thanks to the Google Earth. And the best part is they stumbled upon this discovery. They wanted to find two farmers they believed had something to do with drugs and instead ended up finding two acres of marijuana plants within a corn field! Imagine that! so instead of two, they ended up arresting 16 people seizing 1.2 tons of pot and a total of 78,000 dollars in assets.

This is just so funny! I mean visualize this. Four cops (hypothetically speaking) sitting a room and hoping to have their shift ended soon, and instead trying to find two slippery fish to arrest and voila they manage to bust an entire operation! For all you know, the cops may have just got pissed at not getting discounts on his weekly dose so he used Google Earth as the source.

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