Swiss startup unveils the Cliris automatic eyewear cleaner on Kickstarter

by Gavril Mankoo

Nothing irritates a spectacle-wearer more than finger-prints. Unclean glasses hamper vision and can prove to be quite damaging to one’s eyesight too. Swiss startup Cliris SA showed up on Kickstarter to pool in resources for its one-of-a-kind device, the Cliris. This sleek and extremely practical device promises to clean your glasses in just 4 minutes! All a user needs to do is slip a pair of unclean glasses into the device, wait for a few minutes and reach out for a pair of freshly cleaned and perfumed spectacles! The automatic eyewear cleaner uses ultrasound technology and a biodegradable solution to clean, disinfect, anti-fog treat, dry and scent your eye-accessories.

The machine requires just 40 W of power and is said to be “about as quiet as an espresso machine”. The fluid used in this device comes packed in cartridges, two of which are to be used in the Cliris at one time. Each cartridge has a life span of approximately 30 cleaning cycles, or simply put, a whole month, if the device is used once a day. The Cliris is capable of cleaning glasses that measure a minimum of 2 x 5.9 in (5 x 15 cm) when folded. The project has currently earned $14,827 on Kickstarter and seeks to meet its goal of $280,000 by July 22.