Swedish operator Telia to bring MMS to the iPhone

by mohsin

The iPhone and iPhone 3G have been famously flamed for its lack of features like cut-and-paste capability, Flash support, and MMS (also known as video- or picture-messaging). There are jailbreak workarounds that allow you to “hack” together a semi-working MMS solution on the iPhone and iPhone 3G, but fully-functional MMS still eludes iPhone users. Swedish iPhone owners will soon have something they can hold over the heads of most other users of the touchscreen handset: an Apple-sanctioned way of sending and receiving picture and video messages. Telium is looking to address the iPhone’s lack of MMS with a homegrown iPhone application that is due to hit market in a couple months.

Telia, and likely many of its iPhone-wielding customers, appear to have no intention to sit around and wait for Apple to introduce MMS in a future firmware version – should it ever come. Instead, the Swedish mobile provider is intends to develop an app that will handle the sending of multimedia messages.

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