Swedish Bicycle Helmet is Airbag Protection for Your Head and Hairstyle

by iona

As one who loves cycling and is worried about safety, but also my hairdo, I have been waiting for a design like this for ages. Designers Anna Haupt and Terese Alstin spent six years deliberating over the cycle helmet-hairdo problem, and have come up with the following – Hövding – which looks somewhat like an air bag for your head. The collar is the visible part of the helmet design, the shell of which can be detached and changed to suit your daily wardrobe. They also have video footage to prove that it works.

The helmet is available in various styles, fabrics and due to be launched in new collections. Billed as a practical, handy, easy to carry accessory, Hövding is a stylish hair and lifesaver. But blimey, does it look European! I don’t think we’ll be seeing it on the heads of the Tour de France participants anytime soon.
The Hövding will cost you a cool $446 (2998 Swedish Kroner).

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