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Sweden may house first Space airport within 10 years

by Gareth Mankoo

Kiruna, is a township in Sweden, you have most likely not even heard of. Its airport is one popular landmark though, with continuous flights to London and Tokyo. Soon, this could be the travel portal of the world, with plans of a commercial space flight provision on. This is being initiated and triggered off by Spaceport Sweden, which aims to bring the first space flights to Sweden withing ten years. Soon, things as simple as a two-hour trip to space can be a matter of everyday leisure for some. The prospective flights will hold up to six passengers. How very promising. In ten years, we could easily amass the funds for a trip of weightlessness and adventure.

“We’re working on establishing commercial flights from Sweden to space for tourism and research, and to create a launching pad at the airport,” said Karin Nilsdotter of Spaceport Sweden, who is based the Swedish Institute of Space Physics (IRF). Kiruna will leverage its 60 years experience of space research to its credit. IRF was founded in 1957 and the Swedish space research and rocket centre Esrange, located in the town, was founded in 1966.


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