Swatch introduces smartwatch for volleyball fans

by Gareth Mankoo

There’s never too much of volleyball gear for enthusiasts out there. Swatch have their way of adding zing to their designs and what better company could one pick to buy their volleyball accessories from? Just after they denounced collaboration with the Apple Watch, the company has now announced the Touch Zero One touchscreen smartwatch built particularly for smartphone enthusiasts. It takes the Swatch Touch further by adding to the minimal functionality with style. It will also come with an accompanying smartphone app whose platform we are still unsure of. The watch focuses mainly on fitness (read: volleyball), which means that it doesn’t extend to email, SMS or call notifications. It is smart enough to detect attack hits, low hits, high hits, and high fives throughout a game. This data is collated in an app.

The Swatch smartwatch is expected to be priced at around $159. So you’ve got to be a real volleyball junkie to get into buying one of these babies.




[Via – Slashgear]