Swarovski studded Nintendo DS Lite

by Dhiram Shah

The latest craze in customising your favourite gadget is adding bling to it and what better way to add it then with the world renowed Swarovski crystals. Here is the latest by noted Japanese designer Tikko a Swarovski studded Nintendo DS Lite. The flap behind the LCD is embedded with crystals giving it a bold new look. So if you happen to be in Japan you can surely get in touch with him.

The customisation is not cheap and will set you back by 45,000 Yen ( $ 390) for the price you can get three DS Lites.


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  2. Mary Beth

    very very very cute and cool

  3. tere

    how much does is cost because i already have the white one bbut i was wondering if i could put the rhineshoone on myself ?reply back to my email address above ([email protected]). pplz reply back : )


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