Super slim Samsung 9000 has the sexiest remote ever!

by Gareth Mankoo

Now here’s something without boobs that men could look at and go ‘oooh!’. It’s the very hot, very size-zero Samsung 9000 LED LCD. It will provide support for 3D and will come along with a touch-based remote. The remote is simply splendid and beyond our imagination. Firstly, it has a touch interface and secondly, it actually shows video from various sources. It can convert anything that’s 2D into 3D. It is totally hot! Something that’s going to be making it to the wishlist of scores of videophiles, all around the blue planet.

Along with the 9000, Samsung also flaunted other screens like the 8000 (edge lit technology, 2D to 3D conversion), 7000 (Samsung’s ‘Touch of Color’, a 4-legged stand), 6500 (DLNA streaming, no 3D) and the 5000 (low power usage, USB playback, DLNA) series.

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