Super Mario 3DS holder will marry classic to new

by Gareth Mankoo

You set your eyes on Mario and his plumbing beauty and wonder how fascinating it once was. There was the simple life to be lived and wonderful games to be played. Now we’re spoilt for choice with the amazing Nintendo 3DS among us. How can we bring back the memories of yesteryear with something so undeniably irresistible then? It’s simple. Just add more zing to your accessory line and bring in the fantastic Mario 3DS holder. It’s got to be among the few attempts at creating a Mario figurine, and it impresses as well. The 12-inch holder with arms wide open will not only hold your 3DS, but also your DSi and DS Lite.

This $35 investment can pay off wonderfully if you have a junior high gathering. All those mushrooms and tortoises will come bouncing back!

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