Super Sonico is ‘back’, this time showing off her well sculpted derriere

by Shayne Rana

There might be those times when the loneliness gets to you. When not having someone special in your life just plain hurts… But not anymore! Super Sonico, the bodacious Japanese character is ‘back’ (pun intended) again showing off her ample bottom for the lonely men. In her previous Avatar, this popular Japanese character made her way to the Hug Pillow realm complete with realistic breast implants. This time the company has released the Pink haired, large headphones wearing bombshell in a different perspective, in a manner of speaking. In the new hug pillow, she’s equipped with a rather tender tush.

For those ‘gents’ who prefer the derriere, this version of the hug pillow will be just what you need to wile away those lonely nights. Featured in a slinky nightie that’s riding quite high, the characters rather large posterior takes precedence. The Japanese are already working hard in animatronics and android technology so it’s just a matter of time before a more humanised form of a hug pillow comes to pass. But better yet, maybe you could just get out and meet someone.


[Via – Rocketnews24]

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