Super Mario special edition Uno cards

by Dhiram Shah

Japan surely reaps the best when it comes to Nintendo’s merchandising. This time they have collaborated with Mattel for Super Mario branded Uno cards. The hugely popular card game which is second only to the original deck of 52. Gracing the cards will be all the favorite characters from the Mario family including Toad, Walugi, Diddy Kong, etc. The game will also have a new twist it will have special invincibility cards, the Star cards like from the Super Mario game will give you protection from everything from Skip to Draw 4 and even the dreaded Draw 4 card.

Super-Mario-special-edition-Uno-cards (3)
As always with everything that comes from Nintendo the special edition Uno cards will be available in Japan only for 1200 Yen ($ 10).
Super-Mario-special-edition-Uno-cards (4)

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