Sunix’s USB-to-DVI graphics adapter

by Dhiram Shah

Taiwan based company Sunix offers a unique solution to the problem of hooking more than one display to your computer, and for users with graphics cards that do not support two monitors. The VGA2625 USB-to-DVI graphics adapter is what they are offering. It goes through a USB 2.0 port and can clone or extend a desktop onto another display via a DVI or D-Sub interface to an LCD, CRT, projector and/or PDP (plasma display panel) display. It comes with DDR400 200MHz 16MB memory and has a resolution of 1,600×1200 in 32-bit and it supports 16:9 wide-screen LCD format.

Since the product was displayed at the Computex 2007 Taipei, there is no word on pricing and availability.

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