Sumabo Robot Vacuum Cleaner returns to the charger on its own

by Gareth Mankoo

A really smart vacuum cleaner is one that takes a lot off your hands. The real joy of a vacuum cleaner that doesn’t need you to bother about it is the Sumabo Robot Vacuum Cleaner. This smarty does silent rounds in your apartments, amassing all that you wouldn’t like lying around and when it’s out of charge it heads to your charger, unmanned. What’s even better is it comes back to the location it left behind and continues cleaning.

Otherwise, the Sumabo Robot Vacuum Cleaner doesn’t miss out on other robotic wonders either. It has an infrared proximity sensor that makes sure it doesn’t ram into your furniture or guests. You can also fire voice commands at it and it will obey! Can someone find me a wife like this? 70,000 Yen (~$870).


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