Suima the auto rocking cradle for proud new parents

by mohsin

We all agree babies are cute, but why is keeping them quite so hard? The cradle was and still is one those inventions that have not received the kind of honor they deserve, most likely because babies grow so fast that their need diminishes, and the effects are forgotten. The Suima is a cradle that rocks itself whenever a baby starts to cry, the sound sensors detect the infants cry and starts rocking the cradle. The cradle rocks at a quick pace at the start and gradually slows down to the mother’s heart rate. It can put a screaming baby to sleep in 15-mins flat.

The Suima will set you back by $4,000, but since most babies grow out of stuff pretty soon you can rent one for $100 a month, only available in Japan. Small price to pay for a sound sleep when there’s a new baby in the house.
[Tokyo mango]

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