Stun Gun protective clothing

by Dhiram Shah

Getting zapped by a stun gun is surely terrifying. But what if you could take a stun on your chest with a smile on your face. Thor Shield, a polyester fabric, is designed to do just that, and is currently being incorporated in military and law enforcement clothing – sorry, not available for the consumer market. What makes the Polyster material effective is that it’s bonded to a conducted material that loops the electricity, and essentially sends the electricity back to the gun. The Thor Shield fabric comes in different thicknesses. The thinnest version is only about a thirty-second of an inch thick and can be sewn into clothes.

The designer of the Thor Shield, Greg Schultz, brainstormed the material one evening while watching a program on Stun Guns. However he has been building lighting detection systems that are placed near roller coasters and other large structures susceptible to lightning strikes.

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