Studio-Quality Triode-Tube iPod Speakers

by yogesh

The Triode-Tube Speakers use superior analog technology that produces a luxuriously warm and clear sound that so prized by audiophiles. This kind of sound quality was previously difficult to reproduce outside of custom-built amplifiers of a handful of live musicians. The speakers have been developed and built by German audio technicians. “The system consists of an aluminum-encased amplifier housing four powerful Class-A tubes which glow gently as they generate warm, low-octave sound that is virtually distortion-free.” The tube amplifier evens out distortions found in modern digital recordings. The speakers have an iPod line-in jack plus a second audio-in port that lets you hook in a CD player, satellite radio, or other audio component.

An RCA cable and two highly insulated 13′ triple-core speaker cables with gold-plated connectors are included in the Triode-Tube iPod Speakers. It costs $3,999.95 and are available at Hammacher. Due to their popularity the speakers are currently sold out!

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