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Stripy Speakers

by Dhiram Shah

Stripy Speakers sound truly impressive. Packing a 9 watt punch (4.5 watts RMS per channel) and made from polished aluminium, these gleaming little cylinders produce big audio dynamite that’s sure to impress, even when blasting out Joe ‘Shaddap Your Face’ Dolce at top whack. They aren’t generic in any respect. What makes these speakers stand apart from the rest is its tubular design. So this very much screams out the capability of swiveling 180°, so you can direct your music anywhere in the room. Calling them “clever” is certainly not an exaggeration. It features an intuitive one-touch central station that glows a different colour according to the function being adjusted. It’s pinky white when switched on, but tap it once and it turns blue for bass control, twice and it goes green for treble, and three times to return it to the default volume control.

The scroll will does resemble iPod in some respect but the chilled-out lights create a tempting aura. Their super sleek would definitely turn pale everything there on the showbiz. Looks with out technology willl not survive in any case. Stripy does second the rare phenomena of beauty and brains grab them for $ 95.

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  1. Stripy Speakers Rotate, Glow

    The Stripy Speakers are most easily described as twisty, glowing speakers. They consist of two, 4.5 watt speakers housed in a polished aluminum housing. Also included is a another aluminum housing that contains the glowing button. The button will glow…


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