Straight from Japan – Underpants for your iPhone

by Gareth Mankoo

Soon, we will see the day when people will questions you, ‘is your iPhone nude?’. That could well be synonymous of a resounding slap on your geek-cheek. So to save grace, its wiser to pick one of these SmartPants, a smart underpant range for your iPhone. Manufactured by Japan’s Bandai, the SmartPants post as “the world’s first pair of underwear that can be worn by your smartphone.” They envision the Home Button as a private part and of course, will make it really queasy for you to press the button the number of times you do now, should you buy into the idea. The company offers eight different styles that can be picked depending on the sex, style and sex appeal of your device. It also helps address an important question. Is you iPhone a dude or a dame.

The Bandai iPhone SmartPants will go on sale for a little over $2 in Japan from March.


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