Sticko portable mount sticks your phone to everything!

by Gavril Mankoo

We love carrying out smartphones everywhere, and by that, we mean literally everywhere. However, not everywhere is a place fit for a smartphone. Sometimes, finding a nice dry spot for your phone can get particularly tedious. At times like these, the Sticko works as a savior! This one’s a phone mount that’s unlike any we’ve come across before, particularly because of the fact that it’s extremely compact and can be used just about anywhere. The Sticko mount sports suction cups on both sides, four in all. Two of these suction cups hold onto your smartphone while the other two hold on to the surface you place it on, keeping it from falling.

The Sticko can be used to mount a phone on a car’s dashboard, windshield, a bathroom mirror, a computer monitor, a refrigerator door and just about any smooth surface that’s suction-cup-friendly. Available in a range of attractive colors to suit your taste, the Sticko also attaches to your phone with an earphone jack or a key chain with the lobster clamp. Made from a special U.V. protected and heat-proof material, the Sticko weighs just 5 grams and is less than 14 millimeters high. This handy mobile-phone mount comes with a price tag of just $9.95 a piece.