Stick your Apple portable to your fridge with MagSkin

by Gareth Mankoo

Somehow, refrigerators seem to be the most looked at things. Given the impressive record of innovative fridge magnets we have featured as well as temporary whiteboards, all accommodated on this food cooling appliance, it’s strange. No one’s ever wondered why. It’s not true that we head to the fridge to eat alone. We notice it even when stealing cookies from a jar. Yet, the fridge is a perfect setting for those who forget their iDevices when left to charge. So we have the MagSkin, a magnetic case for your iDevice so you can charge it and know where it is while you’re at it. They’re available in various colors. Being a Kickstarter project, you can book yours by making a minimum pledge of $12. I wonder if magnets mess with phones in anyway. We’ll know soon though.


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