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Stewie from Family Guy gets a USB upgrade

by Dhiram Shah

Stewie the universal favourite from hit animated sitcom “Family Guy” is here. All you need to do is the plug the new USB Stewie in the port, download he included software and spend hours seeing Stewie responding to your keystrokes with sounds and gestures. Some of the sound clips you’ll hear are, “Silence!” and “Stop mocking me!” I hope they also included my personal favorite Stewie quote, “Victory is mine!” he also blink his evil baby eyes, wave his arm menacingly, and also shoot his death ray at you. All this, while looking cute and cuddly on your desktop.

USB Stewie is compatible only with Windows and you can get one from OutFitters for $28.

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  1. Stewie de Padre de Familia, en USB

    Si te gusta Padre de Familia o al menos le han echado un ojo alguna vez, seguro que Stewei es uno de tus personajes favoritos. Quien no va repitiendo por ahí aquello de ¡La Victoria es mía!. Este muñeco puede ser conectado vía USB a un ordenador …


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