Steve Jobs’ original Apple-1 goes under the hammer, expected to fetch half a million

by Gareth Mankoo

Apple collectors will surely be drooling at this rare opportunity to lay hands or simply set eyes on the iconic Apple-1 computer. For those catching up, this was the very computer Steve Jobs sold out of his parent’s garage in 1976. It is fully functional and seeks a new home when it gets auctioned at Christie’s auction house where it’s expected to sell for nearly 1,000 times its original value. A 21-year old Jobs sold it for a mere $600, so, do the math. The computer was purchased by Robert Luther in 2004 at a police auction. Lucky Luther is expected to make quite a fortune with this sale, especially with predictions of the bid touching over half a million dollars!

When in his formative prime years, Jobs led the manufacture of a few hundred Apple-1s. Of these, not more than fifty are expected to survive to this day. Just last month, the Henry Ford organization paid about $905K at an auction for another Apple-1.


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