Google Glass gets a new accessory in the form of $85 stereo earphones

by Sayan Chakravarty

Ever since the Google Glass Explorer Edition came out, it has received endless updates to make it user-friendly and get rid of the minor niggles. Google wants to get it absolutely right before it launches the production version and one of its biggest drawbacks that were identified in its early days was its bone conduction transducer. It isn’t loud enough in many conditions such as crowded places. Along with the new simple to use Google Play Music app, Google has released a set of stereo earphones for the eyewear.

Just like the mono-earbud released by Google earlier for receiving phone calls, the stereo earphones not only look similar but also connect with the Google Glass by plugging into the MicroUSB. The new accessory will go on sale later this month for a retail price of $85. It’s a nifty addition to the eyewear and should make it a lot better usable than before. As an alternative, MicroUSB to 3.5mm jack convertors are available in the markets which work perfectly on Google Glass.



[Via – Geek]

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