Steorn’s Orbo is a Christmas miracle, gives more energy than it takes

by Shayne Rana

In our ever engaging search for alternative energy sources, it’s possible that sometimes even a really oddball idea just might be dropped simply because it sounds a little vague or far fetched. Then again some turn out to be just that. But a company called Steorn have developed a device called Orbo which is designed to produce free-energy. The company’s CEO stated that the Orbo is deigned to ‘gain energy from magnets with no apparent source.’ A concept like that that seems capable of producing clean and more importantly, free energy seems like it should be incorporated into every venue possible right now since it’s not designed to be inhibited to size or form, though I don’t see how that’s possible. According to the demo, Orbo is capable of producing more energy than it uses itself. However there are plenty of skeptics out there who believe it to be some sort of scam. Wow! I’m sold, then again I don’t get the whole thermodynamic bit.

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