Stella Artois Nova draught refrigerator takes the Belgian beer place

by Gavril Mankoo

A number of establishments do not have the infrastructure or the facilities to conjure up perfect draught beer. Belgium beer giants Stella Artois have acknowledged this fact and are now working towards ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to bring a full-scale tap system to places that aren’t equipped with the same. The Stella Artois NOVA draught refrigerator comes into action with a fully recyclable 12-litre kegs and a sleek, compact design. The design has been masterminded by designer Marc Thorpe who says, “There was an internal review of international industrial designers at Stella Artois to locate the right designer fit for the brand. The internal technology that drives Stella Artois NOVA had been in development for many years and Stella Artois wanted to introduce the technology in tandem with a new and innovative draught experience and a flagship appliance was the best way to do it.”

Thorpe also stated that this could well be the future of beer, led by Stella Artois. He studies beer production for a year and developed the NOVA that uses bottle-in-bottle technology that maintains cool temperatures and keeps the carbonation active.

[Via : Coolhunting]