Steampunk-inspired cufflinks bring in fine camouflage

by Gareth Mankoo

There are several locations where we aren’t allowed to carry memory devices with us. How we deal with the stealth aspect is really a problem. So we have this elegant, classy, steampunk-styled USB drive that passes off as a cufflink. Designed by hand, these 8GB devices pretty much aren’t meant to be worn for just style. There’s that impending underlying motive that hounds the idea of owning cufflinks as conspicuously beautiful as these. It’s made up of 30 independent parts that are put together. The gears infused in the design of the cufflinks are derived from damaged or unusable watches.

It’s a good gift to a geek who doesn’t know how to use up all his genius to have the perfect little heist of data made possible from his work desk.

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