Steampunk Bluetooth device is not a reality…thank god for that!

by Neha Tandon Sharma

Steampunk startles yet again this time with their Bluetooth device. For one it looks nothing like a Bluetooth device except the fact that it nestles in your ear and secondly you would look like the new-age gladiator with Nicrosin’s Victorian-style Bluetooth device. No harm, gladiator was a blockbuster hit. Anyway getting back to the point, he makes his creations from sculpey and watch parts, and then lines it with leather for comfort. So what if it doesn’t look comfy at all. On the contrary it looks heavy and harmful enough to tear your ear apart (I’m glad this isn’t for real!)

You can bid your worries adieu as the prop is fully adjustable and flexible and very safe to use, it won’t be doing anything to your ear except what it’s meant to. The safety issue apart, I would never want this plainly because of the way it looks. It’s more like a machine fitted in somehow to get you rid of some disease your ear has contracted! SOS!

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