Stealth Division Mach 1 is the world’s first telematics-enabled skating board

by ruchi

Stealth Division is much-famed name when it comes to military grade tracking technologies. The company has now unveiled Mach 1 skateboard, the world’s first integrated telemetry enabled rider information system for downhill skateboard racing. It brings state-of-the-art technology to a sport which was extremely popular in the 1960’s. The one-of-kind skateboard comes with inbuilt GPS and accelerometer sensors with data logging and Bluetooth capability.

Mach 1 skateboard here hand crafted by seven layers carbon fiber above an Ash & Airex Core, the Makrolon is strengthened in the section of nose and tail which endure the high velocity shocks during collisions. There is an integrated “Gnarvigator” sensor/radio/Bluetooth unit here which measures parameters such as position, velocity, acceleration, g-forces and vibration. It weighs just about 1.2 kilos and has flared ends to ensure precise braking. The skateboard bears the status of a ‘concept prototype’ for a price tag of around US$13,00 equivalent.
[Design Potter]