Stay cool with the new MaCool cooler for the retro loving Apple lovers

by Shayne Rana

For some hardcore Apple fans, the vintage Mac PC is something of an idol. A device that kicked things off for a revolutionary future. Finding paraphernalia for the old Mac isn’t easy but fans never stop trying. Back in the day it was a cool thing to have a Mac now, thanks to a Mac fans and Kickstarter, it will once again be cool and even more so. Enter The MaCool Cooler. The perfect gift for the beer, soda, cola drinking Mac fan! Complete with classic colours, sporting an old school Mac OS display (variants available) picture with a slot for floppy disks, this little 13 inch wide cooler will keep your favourite beverages icy cold (8 with ice), in your favourite computer. Sit back, chill on a cool drink and reminisce about the good old first-gen Mac days and all the sometimes frustrating joy it brought you. Of course, new age kids might think you’re either way too old or just too weird and might prefer something a little more… modern. But who cares right?

The MaCool portable cooler campaign on Kickstarter is aiming at $65,000 to get the coolers ready and out for the public. $39 is what early birds can start off with and the standard pledge rate is $59.


[Via – Cnet]

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