Starbucks Announces Plans for Free Wi-Fi in U.S Coffee Outlets

by iona

Maybe to make up for the fact that its coffee is so expensive, Starbucks is going to offer free, unlimited Wi-Fi access in 7,000 of its coffee outlets in the U.S, from July 1st. Starbucks CEO, Howard Schultz, revealed Starbucks’ Wi-Fi plans at the Disruptive by Design business conference today. Wi-Fi has been available in Starbucks outlets for some time, but has involved lengthy, multi-step registration processes and payment after the first two free hours have expired. From July 1st, customers will be able to access free Wi-Fi using a simple, single click for unlimited access. Starbucks began piloting mobile phone payment using Apple iPhones and iPod Touches in 1,000 outlets, in March. McDonald’s also began providing free Wi-Fi to their customers in 11,500 of their stores earlier this year.

The coffee giant has also announced plans to partner with Yahoo! on the all new, singing and dancing Starbucks Digital Network, this fall.