Star Wars Kinect let you trudge as evil Rancor

by Shalu Pillai

We first had Anthony Daniels, the actor who played C3P0 in the Star Wars movies tweeting about the MIA Star Wars Kinect game and now with a survey obtained by Kotaku, here’s a closer dekko at the game’s features. According to the survey, the game will feature light saber fighting, pod racing (to be controlled similarly to Joyride) and will allow gamers stomp around as one of the most badass creatures from the Star Wars universe, The Rancor, using Kinect. How cool is that?

We first saw that at Star Wars Kinect demo presented by Microsoft at last year’s E3 conference, when they indulged in a not-so-nail-biting, light saber battle with Darth Vader. The game’s since been retooled; and watch this space, as more is revealed in June at this year’s E3.

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